Since the Covid 19 pandemic took hold last year, businesses have had to adapt in order to keep their staff safe. It hasn’t been the easiest of years, especially if your workforce needs to be in the office to work effectively. However, other businesses have found that working remotely has boosted their employees’ moods and has benefitted their company. But how have the trends changed?

In the past, businesses worried that flexible working would lead to less productivity, but recently, it has become a way of life. Businesses are realising that they need to consider remote working as a viable option, not just for their business, but for their staff. The number of people working from home more than doubled during the pandemic, so how are companies coping?


Why Are Employers Adapting?

Because some employees have never experienced working from home before, they weren’t aware of the benefits that it could bring to their everyday lives. People with children or those that have a long commute could have more time at home to get things done, such as shopping or chores. Last year, 25.9% of the working UK population made their home their office, and now, 74% of employers are considering making remote working a permanent possibility.

Some staff members may not be able to work remotely; maybe they work in public service, supermarkets, or maybe they simply don’t have the technology at home. Although working from home was hard for some companies, it wasn’t impossible, which was incredibly important during the pandemic. Some companies are now choosing to adopt a hybrid working model; some days staff work in the office, other times they stay at home. This can help balance the working week, making staff more productive and boosting their mood.


How Can an Employer of Record Help?

Although working for home works for some businesses, there are areas that may worry some CEO’s; worries that are usually dealt with by an employer of record (EOR). However, most of your human resource (HR) and payroll services will stay the same, no matter whether you’re in the office or not. If you have any employees from other countries, EOR’s can ensure that they have the necessary documentation to keep working legally, and can manage any pay disparities to make sure employees are compensated fairly.

All of your payroll processes and HR tasks will still be looked after, whether your staff are working remotely or not. Here at Payroll Worldwide, we’re a professional employment organisation (PEO) providing HR and payroll services to businesses in Latin America. We understand how confusing it can be when your staff are working from home; therefore, we can assist every step of the way, making the process much smoother. To view what services we can offer you, please visit us here.


In Conclusion

As more and more people decide to give their employees the option to work from home, whether that’s for a few days a week or full-time, you need to make sure that your HR, payroll and any taxes are in order. Although recruiting from abroad may be on hold for now, we can still ensure that all foreign employees are taken care of, and that their documentation allows them to work from home.

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