As an established business, you may find yourself with the opportunity to venture abroad and set up business there. Others may be given the chance to send their employees abroad to gain new experiences and skills. No matter the reasons, staff mobility is a great idea for many different reasons. According to the University of Edinburgh, 79% of employees believe they have gained skills relevant to their job by venturing abroad. Some companies may avoid sending employees to work abroad because they simply can’t navigate the various laws and factors that need to be taken into consideration. Luckily, with our human resources and payroll service providers, we’re here to help.

At Payroll Worldwide, we provide effective human resources (HR) services and payroll to countries in Latin America. Our years of experience in a range of different businesses allows us to navigate the intricacies of employment law in Latin America, providing effective payroll solutions that work for your business. We can also help mobilise your staff, providing a concierge service for the relocation and expenses concerning travel and accommodation. If you’re considering including staff mobility in your business, read our latest article below.


How Does it Work?

Staff mobility involves sending your staff to work in other countries in order for them to gain valuable experiences and skills. This exchange of skills can help both your business and the employee, both in the building of your business and the employee’s career development. Transporting employees all over the world can be time-consuming and costly, despite the benefits the exchange can bring. Therefore, consider turning to cost-effective HR services. Outsourcing your payroll and HR tasks can help your business take on these ventures with ease and full compliance. They can also help employees settle into their new country, organising their housing, car leasing and other amenities for a smooth transition.

Our team here at Payroll Worldwide provides effective HR in Latin America; we’re fully qualified and trained in ensuring your staff have a comfortable transition, whether they’re living in the new country for a few months or years. Usually, employees won’t be able to move to a foreign country without some form of assistance; a lack of planning can severely affect productivity. Therefore, by looking towards reliable HR management, you can rest assured that your employee is getting the most out of their stay.


What Are the Benefits of Working Overseas?

Providing your staff with the opportunity to work abroad can not only benefit them but your company too. Employees can develop new networking opportunities, allowing them to exchange ideas and inspiration with their peers. This trading of ideas can help the employee in their career, helping them gain new experiences to enhance their CV and their contributions to your company. 

Your business can even become recognised on a more global scale as your employees develop key contacts across the globe. These new ideas they’re learning about could help your business development as you put into place new practices. You may also get the opportunity to collaborate with other business owners, creating new products or services that benefit your clients. By developing your understanding of foreign countries, their culture and work strategies, you can boost your reputation as a more cultured business willing to try new ideas and services.


How We Can Help

As expert payroll service providers, we can assist in all forms of HR practices, giving you peace of mind that your employees are receiving the best care. Hiring an internal human resources department can be costly, and they may not have complete knowledge of the ins and outs of foreign work policy. If you’re looking to send your employees to a country in Latin America, our fully managed payroll services are on hand to help your employees settle in and feel comfortable in their new environment.

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