Here at Payroll Worldwide, we strive to help businesses successfully expand into Latin America by removing the entry barriers that can make the process difficult. Professional employer organisations understand international markets, and can help you settle effectively by locating the best staff and crafting the best onboarding process. By outsourcing HR tasks, you can save yourself time and money, granting you peace of mind. When you decide to expand, there are various steps that you need to remember…

Most business owners focus on moving and getting settled, but there are various factors to remember in order to maintain compliance in the country that is hosting you. To be successful, you can read our latest article below…



By forming effective partnerships with common goals for both businesses, you can generate connections and industry strategies that can benefit your company for years to come. However, they shouldn’t be entered into lightly. You should first determine the value of the partnership, and if you’re on track to gain more than you’re giving away. If they’re familiar with the territory and have been settled longer than you, they can show you the ropes and make expansion a whole lot easier. When you partner with an employer of record who provides excellent HR and payroll services, you’re all set.

Small businesses could benefit more from partnerships as they may not be able to afford solo expansion projects. By turning to a PEO for international expansion, outsourcing HR tasks instead of hiring a whole new team could be the best step forwards. PEOs are familiar with the local labour laws, and can help you expand internationally by taking on your recruitment, onboarding and providing a concierge service for employees who may have moved. 



One of the most common international business expansion strategies, licensing agreements are contractual arrangements between organisations, with one being able to use the intellectual properties of another. This allows you to use the leverage of an already established business, adding your products or services to a customer base and domestic market that they’ve been operating in for a longer time. 

Not much investment is needed on your end; the most common types of licensing agreements are private labelling and franchising, so if you’re not in the know, it might be hard to decide which is best. We don’t just offer fully managed payroll services; we can help you make sense of any licensing agreements, ensuring you are fully compliant and above board.


Exporting; Why You Need to Consider Outsourcing HR

If you’re looking to get your products or services in the local market as efficiently as possible, exporting goods can be a simple yet great way to get ahead. Companies must set up contractual agreements with businesses such as marketing agencies, retailers and distributors. However, in order to secure these contracts, you need to sell yourself to new customers. You’ll find that your target audience in a foreign country will have different wants and needs when compared to your home audience. Therefore, it is important that you tweak your pitches appropriately. 

Here at Payroll Worldwide, we understand the intricacies and cultural boundaries that can present themselves in Latin America. We can help you settle as well as acquire those all-important contacts and employees. To find out more about outsourcing HR, or to acquire your free consultation call, please give us a call on 07469 892524, or you can fill out our online form here.