Recruiting the right staff can be a minefield, no matter whether you’re looking to source employees locally or globally. Here at Payroll Worldwide, we can assist in outsourcing a range of human resource (HR) services, including payroll, accounting, and recruitment, providing businesses with entry into the Latin American market. When outsourcing your payroll process or any facilities that involve employment, you need to ensure that everything is being done legally, and you’re abiding by their labour laws. But where do you start?

By recruiting from abroad, you can help expand your business and attract new customers, but there are guidelines you must adhere to in order to keep the reputation of your business afloat. We’ve written down some top tips you should follow if you’re looking to recruit overseas, whether you’re acting solo or working with a recruitment agency. 


Understand Local Labour Laws

Labour laws in other countries can be complex and difficult to understand, especially when you’re used to the laws in your own country. Each country has its own set of regulations, and to make matters more complicated, this can sometimes differ between regions and cities. Without reasonable knowledge of the country’s laws, you could leave yourself open to unenforceable contracts, incorrect tax information and other HR errors.

Outsourcing your HR might seem daunting, but by turning to dedicated professionals, you can trust that all labour laws are being adhered to down to the fine print, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business. Our HR professionals here at Payroll Worldwide can handle all aspects of your recruitment process, handling immigration and staff mobility alike.


Understanding Local Culture

It doesn’t relate to your business or day-to-day work directly, but understanding the local culture that the employees you’re looking to recruit are used to can build up your rapport. You can even tailor job descriptions to fit their culture and improve employee success, putting emphasis on the comfort and career progression of all your new recruits. A happy workforce can increase productivity and revenue, which benefits both your employees and your business.

It also makes you appear as a more cultured employer, and possible recruits will be more likely to choose you as their next employer, thus building your reputation. Here at Payroll Worldwide, we understand what it takes to break into the Latin American market, and our HR support can boost your credibility and help you find the recruits perfect for your business. Your HR functions should be smooth and efficient, and by outsourcing HR services, you can improve the productivity and reputation of your business.  


How We Can Assist

Your payroll systems and HR services need to be functioning optimally in order to operate successfully as a business. We can provide all these functions for you, all of which will be legally processed to give you peace of mind. To view a complete list of our services, please visit us here.

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